Six Word Stories: The Challenge, No.5.

Slightly fewer entries this week, but no diminished quality, which is what really matters. We’ve had some great stories to read through again, and picking the winners has been as difficult as ever, so I guess I may as well dive straight in with my take on the best responses to last week’s PURGATORY prompt.


Everyone knew her beautiful sister’s name (KM Myrman)

He tried again. She died, again. (AnonymouStalker)

His soul defied purgatory’s infernal absolution. (Live Home And Away)

And the winner, because it made me laugh in a sea of dark responses:

Please hold, your call is important. (Dr Meg Sorick)

And with that, the contest moves onto this week’s round, and the theme I have picked out of my plastic bag filled with notecards is PREJUDICE. You can find my entry below. When you enter don’t forget to both link to this page and add them to the blue frog, at the bottom of this post, that way it’s certain I’ll read them, which I can’t guarantee if they’re not properly linked unfortunately. Looking forward to reading more entries, and in the meantime, have a great week.


Seeking safety, they found only fear.

60 thoughts on “Six Word Stories: The Challenge, No.5.

  1. Wow, this week’s winner is by far my favourite story of all the challenges! I racked my brains the entire week, Ben, but just couldn’t bring it down to 6 words. This week’s one seems slightly more achievable, and I will surely try my best to hand in my homework!

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  2. Thank you sooooo much! I recently had to spend a ridiculously long time on hold with the customer sevice department of the manufacturer of our air conditioning unit. I kid you not, by the time they finally took my call, I had nearly forgotten who I’d called! That was my inspiration!

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    1. Haha, great, I’d love to have you! To get involved just write a story, either with or without a picture based on this week’s theme on your blog. Send me a ping back by linking to this page somewhere on your post, telling people what the challenge is and where they can find it. Then when you’ve published it add it to the links submitted by clicking on the blue frog at the bottom of my post and copy pasting your link. Look forward to reading your work 🙂


  3. Congratulations to the winners!! Really impressive ..and was thinking and laughing again and again after reading “Please hold, your call is important”. Great choices once again Ben.
    Must tell its really tough to summon up in six words a story..couldnt participate this week…looking forward to the next theme – Prejudice. Great story by you once again.


  4. Hi Ben, I have been following your challenge every week courtesy my friend lifeasapotpourri. It is amazing how well 6 words can come together to bring such great meanings.
    Giving a try for this week’s challenge for Prejudice. Here it goes:

    “Always heard, wisdom comes with age”

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  5. Hi Ben, unfortunately I haven’t been able to find as much ideas as I would have loved these past weeks. I will try to get back on it with this one.

    By the way, your six word story is incredibly deep and resonating.



    1. Hi Ciris – Glad to have you! All details should be found in the first challenge post, which you can find here:

      It’s basically just writing six words (with optional picture) and making sure that you link to the challenge page that it relates to somewhere on your post. Then if you add your link by clicking on the blue frog at the bottom of the challenge post so everything’s in one place and easy to find!

      Any other questions just give me a shout 🙂


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