Six Word Stories: The Challenge, No. 2

Hello everyone out there, and happy Sunday.

Let’s get straight down to business! As it turns out, the response to my first Six Word Story Challenge was absolutely phenomenal. Expecting to get perhaps ten responses or so, I ended up with over 60, which is astonishing, so thanks for surprising me so pleasantly. I promised to pick a favourite and a runner-up, but given the number of responses I can’t possibly do less than pick three runners-up and a favourite, there are just too many great ones! Even with expanding the list, there are still loads that I loved that I’ve had to leave out, so please don’t be discouraged if your story doesn’t appear here this week!

So without further ado, here are my favourite six word stories about Loss from last week, first the runners up:

Today would have been his birthday. (Sometimes Stellar Storyteller)

And we were strangers; once more (TheAnonymouSTalker)

She’ll be three days old. Forever. (SantoshWriter)

And my favourite:

Our shadows stayed where we didn’t. (HumaAq)

The past dealt with, let’s look to the present. I’ve reached into my bag of tricks and the theme of this week’s story is PASSION. Don’t forget, if you want to participate, link back to this page specifically rather than my blog in general as I don’t get a ping back if you link to my home page. Without further time wasting then, here’s my effort for this week.


Years of longing later, they reunited.

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