Six Word Stories: Fancy a challenge?

So, I’ve been writing these six word stories for a while now, and I find them really intriguing and helpful for focussing my mind on longer form stuff. From what I’ve noticed, some of the people that read my blog also find these interesting so I thought I’d like to instigate a little challenge for all you people out there who’ve always wanted to try the form but never known when to begin.

We’ll see how it works for the first week and whether enough people want to participate in it for me to continue doing it every week, but the basic plan is thus. Each Sunday I’ll post some form of prompt word, either an emotion or a word to include in the story, you can interpret it however you want. You’ll then have until the following Friday to write a six-word story based on my prompt. Don’t forget to ping back/ link to this page to make sure I get to read them all.

Then, once I’ve had a chance to read all your lovely work, I’ll pick my favourite and a runner-up and link them in the post where I set the next challenge. If you’re interested in this/ know anyone who might be interested please do share it around, because obviously the more submissions we get and the more social it gets the better!

So, without further ado, let’s set the challenge this week. I thought we’d start with a fairly broad one, so the theme for this week’s submission is LOSS. You can interpret that however you want, but you can find my own example below. Feel free to include images if you feel they help the story, but I’ll be grading on the words alone so don’t feel obliged to. Looking forward to reading lots of great stories, as I say, please do share with anyone you think might be interested!


Sometimes he still heard her voice.

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