The Future of A Hopelessly Wandering Mind. Possible Creation of Blogging Challenges.

I’ve come a long way in six months, and I would like to take a time out from my ventures into the literary at this moment to thank each and every one of my followers that have taken this journey with me. It’s been a rough ride from the uneasy, ranty beginnings, slowly progressing to what I hope is now a slightly more polished and focussed site consisting of the creative side of my work, and gradually finding my own voice. For reference, the more news-orientated articles which I used to write have been transposed to another platform,, so if you’re interested in reading that stuff again, do feel free to check it out and follow me there.

In terms of the development of this blog, I am now working at least part time for the foreseeable future and as such may not have the time I would like to devote to the project to write the amount of posts that I want to write, at least at the length I would like to write. With that in mind, I will probably be posting a lot of shorter stuff,  maybe one poem and one short story a week, but nothing too long too frequently. I will also be looking at doing some six word stories, so look out for those coming your way in the near future.

And now to the exciting bit, I’m also thinking about organising some blogging challenges, probably a poetry one but maybe also a very short flash fiction one. I would only do this if I could garner enough people’s interest in doing it though, so in order to gauge whether or not this is worth doing, if you would think about taking part  something like that, would you mind awfully commenting below stating your interest and saying if you would prefer poetry or fiction? This is just so I can hopefully think about what form it would take in the future. I’ve participated in these in the past, and am currently enjoying a couple of them immensely, but I can never find enough of them to satisfy the amount I want to write, so I think it can’t hurt to get another one or two out there.

To sign off on a soppy note, my time on WordPress has been an absolute blast so far, and I’ve loved every minute of my interaction with the site, and everyone who reads and comments is a part of that, so, once more, sincerely, thank you.


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