Poetry 101 Rehab: Dark

Afraid of the dark?
Don’t be.
If anything,
you should be thanking it.

The dark  keeps us sane,
It is the black envelope that rescues us
from the boring, repetitive mundanity
of life.

The great unknown that stops us
from becoming robots in our own skin.
The night and its terrors make us human,
enable us to feel even while daily repetition numbs us.

Even feeling that fear,
at least you’re feeling something.

So, next time you find yourself bored and alone,
Don’t look for something to do.
Turn out the lights
And let something find you.

A response to Mara Eastern’s Poetry 101 Rehab Challenge

13 thoughts on “Poetry 101 Rehab: Dark

  1. I agree with Andy, the last image is quite haunting, even though the rest of the poem reads as kind of hopeful, amicable of darkness. I knew I could count on you to write something brighter in the midst of all this darkness! haha (:

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  2. Five “you” (including one “yourself”) words. Six “us” (including one “our”) words. There are a lot more of “us” in the dark than “you!”


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