New_Forest_ClearingIn a sheltered grove, the young hunter’s life ebbs away.
His prey, catching him unawares, became
His predator, and now
The forest floor is a canvas for
His dying masterpiece.

The flowers, that were the rainbow,
Now crimson and black as they mourn, ready for
When his last, struggling breath finally
Leaves his mauled body.

Through this scene passes Love herself,
Riding upon her gallant white horse.
Drawn in by the picture of the man,
She cautiously approaches,
Ever weary of the hunter’s traps.

Love, for the first time, is struck by her son’s own arrow,
Lost in the pools of his eyes and blood.
His flawless face, perfection
As he gazes helplessly up at her, pleading.
A gaze that becomes ever weaker
As his life flows out through his wounds.

It is too late now, though he returns her affection.
The tree stump must serve as their marriage bed,
The nightingales as witnesses
To their untimely union.

Majestically, as befits such a woman, she carries him
To his final resting place, where,
Laying her head down beside him,
She watches as he drifts away from her.

2 thoughts on “Adonis

  1. I LOVE your writing. I am just weird…I like a little more color on a theme. Of course, mine may have too MUCH color…I’m not sure. I like the nice and subtle idea, though. lily

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback 🙂 Yeah, I agree with you in a way, though I find it hard to match colours that always suit the tone of my writing, so I just opted for the minimalist white in the end. And I disagree, I think your stuff has just the right amount of colour, it supports your wonderful writing beautifully 🙂


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