Poetry 101 Rehab: Sugar



The sun smiles down on me,
Inspired by my own mood.
There’s even a spring in my step
As I go about my day.

The luckiest man in the world,
That’s how I feel
When I think about
Having you by my side.

Maybe this is all too sickly sweet,
Full of clichés and
Too sugary for my
Bitter taste.

For once, though, I don’t care,
Because this time,
This is for you, not me.

Two lives intertwined
With a spoonful of sugar on top.
To me, that sounds ideal.

A response to Mara Eastern’s Poetry 101 Rehab Challenge, go check it out!

12 thoughts on “Poetry 101 Rehab: Sugar

  1. Seet as sugar and yet not too emotional. It’s interesting and original. And I like your compsed style of wording things. You are creating a lot of images in my mind while I am reading your poem.


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