Home: Poetry 101 Rehab

This poem is a response to Mara Eastern’s Poetry 101 Rehab prompt Home.


Walking around this empty place,
The one I called my home.
It somehow doesn’t feel the same,
This house I used to know.

These walls that used to keep us safe,
Right now they look so weak,
Crumbling away to nothingness,
As floorboards snap and creak.

This house I used to call my own,
That made me who I am today.
Now it serves no purpose here,
Just sits and waits as it decays.

2 thoughts on “Home: Poetry 101 Rehab

  1. It is a melancholy poem, yet there seems to be a sense of acceptance to it, which helps to make the poem actually a pleasant rather than a depressive read… I like the form of the piece too – the regularity of rhyme and structure is comforting.

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  2. The rhymes are fitting the meaning of the different lines perfectly. And you chose quite strong words to express yourself.
    I sure like it 🙂 Keep going.

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