The Letter

I love you,
But you loved me.
How crucial
One letter can be.

Where did it go,
that love we shared?
You lost it
Along the way.

Perhaps one day,
I’ll lose it too,
But that day won’t be

19 thoughts on “The Letter

  1. Hi Ben,
    That was sad. The narrator got a Dear John letter, huh?
    Thank you for offering to check out mine.
    This one got low page views and I don’t know why. Feel free to comment right on the blog. Thank you


  2. I know how difficult it can be to realize that someone doesn’t love you anymore. I also know how it feels to realize that I don’t love someone (in a romantic way) anymore. For me, both feelings are bad. You totally capture the feeling of knowing you’ll move on, but knowing it won’t be immediate. Needless to say, I related to this poem. Loved it!


    1. Glad you liked it, whether that’s because I’m good at simplifying complex themes or whether I’m a lazy poet who doesn’t want to get into extended commentaries is another matter entirely however, and I’m inclined to err towards the latter 😛


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  3. “Where did it go?
    The Love we shared,
    Did You lose it?
    I didn’t lose mine anywhere..

    Maybe You did
    That’s why You feel this way,
    And perhaps You would lose me too
    Maybe, not Today!”

    Nice poem! I liked it 🙂

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